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Sonerai IIL Kit 2019. jlius 9.
Kattints nagyobb kprt. I sale a whole kit of Sonerai IIL. The kit include
- fuselage 4130 (welded in TIG with special welding wire)
- original plans
- ailerons
- wings ribs
- wings longerons
- complete landing gear with hydraulic brakes, axel, tires, everything
- canopy
- all nuts and bolts, washers
- engine mount for Rotax 912
- all rivets
- trimmer
- many other pieces
All the pieces are new and bought from Aircraft Spruce USA.
The price is 3950 euros.
More pictures on email.
All the parts and fuselage are in Timisoara, Romania.
Telefon: +40722523777
E-mail cmed

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